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OUR PORTFOLIOKunshan Bacheng Logistics Park

Kunshan Bacheng Logistics Park is situated within the distribution centre that covers the Yangtze River Delta region in Eastern China with extensive transportation options. The property is within an hour drive to Shanghai. It comprises three blocks of single-storey warehouse and 4 blocks of singlestorey ancillaries such as office, guard room and facility room, with a total gross floor area of 43,945 sq m. The main entrance to the property is located along Yuyang Road, at the south of the site.

330.0 Market Valuation1 (RMB Million)
99.4% Committed Occupancy2
43,945 Gross Floor Area (sq m)
2064 Land Use Right Expiry

1 Data as at 31 December 2021.

  • Property Details
    City No. 998 Yuyang Road, Yushan Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province
    昆山市玉山镇玉杨路998号, 昆山
    Description Three blocks of single-storey warehouses
    Gross Floor Area (GFA) (sq m) 43,945
    Year of Acquisition 2021
    Year of Completion 2017
    Land Use Right Expiry 2064
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