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OUR PORTFOLIOChengdu Logistics Property

The property is located within Chengdu Airport Logistics Park in Chengdu. It is situated just beside Shuangliu International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, and is within close proximity to Chengdu South Railway Station and Chengdu East Railway Station.

The property comprises a single-storey warehouse and two double-storey ramped warehouses with total GFA of about 71,556 sq m. The property is currently leased to multiple tenants from the logistics and supply chain management and pharmaceutical sectors.

352.0 Agreed Property Value1 (RMB Million)
90.5% Committed Occupancy2
71,556 Gross Floor Area (sq m)
2062 Land Use Right Expiry

1 Based on agreed property value on a 100% basis.
2 Based on all committed leases as at 31 August 2021.

  • Property Details
    City Chengdu, PRC
    Description One block of single-storey warehouse and two blocks of double-storey ramp-up warehouses
    Gross Floor Area (GFA) (sq m) 71,556
    Year of Acquisition 2021
    Year of Completion 2016
    Land Use Right Expiry 25 April 2062