THE MANAGERGrowth Strategies

CLCT is well-positioned to capture the emerging opportunities in the broader real estate market by strategically aligning with China’s economic policies that focuses on achieving a consumption-driven, higher-value and service-led economy. As the largest China focused S-REIT with a diversified portfolio of retail, business park and logistics park assets across 12 prominent top tier cities, CLCT will exercise a disciplined approach in our portfolio reconstitution to achieve a well-balanced and resilient portfolio that is futureready.

Sustainable growth is achieved through our integrated strategy to Create, Unlock and Extract value across our portfolio. Underpinned by prudent capital and risk management, we continue our strong track record of enhancing portfolio value and delivering long-term income growth and returns to Unitholders.

Strategic advantages and growth potential are further realised by leveraging CapitaLand Group’s extensive pipeline of high-quality assets. Operational excellence is reinforced through CapitaLand Group’s wide-ranging real estate platform, strong local network and professional property management capabilities.

Create Value

Objective: Achieve inorganic growth through well-timed acquisitions

  • Invest in a diversified portfolio of incomeproducing real estate across asset classes used primarily for retail, office and industrial purposes (including business parks, logistics facilities, data centres and integrated developments) to bring attractive yields and/ or increase capital appreciation potential
  • Strengthen portfolio resilience and diversification by investing in assets with high growth potential and synergistic value to deliver stable and sustainable distributions
  • Aim to create a portfolio mix of 30% Retail, 30% New Economy and 40% Commercial/ Integrated Developments by 2026
  • Seize opportunities by actively sourcing for opportunities from Sponsor’s pipeline and/or third-party vendors

Unlock Value

Objective: Recycle capital through divestment of non-core, matured assets to enhance returns

  • Review asset performance and unlock value at the optimal stage of asset lifecycle to increase long-term returns for Unitholders

Extract Value

1. Proactive Asset Management

Objective: Drive organic growth through customercentric initiatives

  • Achieve optimal tenant mix
  • Implement proactive leasing strategies to achieve a healthy occupancy rate
  • Deepen engagement with tenants by offering customised initiatives and programmes to build strong relationships
    • Retail - Leverage on CapitaLand Group’s established omnichannel platforms, innovative marketing outreach and loyalty programmes such as CapitaStar to expand customer base and capture repeat spending
    • Business Park and Logistics Park - Enhance tenant’s experience by providing quality property customer services that is supported by CapitaLand Group’s best-in-class property management toolkit
  • Enhance operational efficiency and optimise operating costs

2. Innovative Asset Enhancement

Objective: Boost competitiveness through high quality malls, business parks and logistics parks

  • Achieve higher returns through transformative asset enhancement initiatives
  • Rejuvenate spatial usage and productivity to increase leasable area
  • Refresh amenities and facilities to increase stickiness of consumers and tenants to our properties
  • Enhance sustainability efforts and energyefficient initiatives



  • Carbon Emissions
  • Energy Management
  • Water Stewardship
  • Waste and Resource Management


  • Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy, Safe and Accessible Quality Buildings
  • Innovative and Sustainable Construction
    Methods and Technologies


  • Health and Safety
  • Job Creation and Security
  • Learning and Development
  • Benefits and Remuneration


  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Social License to Operate
  • Community Development
  • Cross-Sectoral Partnership


  • Leadership and Culture
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management


  • Sustainable Financing
  • Earnings
  • Equity
  • Investments
  • Assets